About Us

Pioneers (formerly, Pioneers Translation Services) is a fully integrated translation and interpretation, event management and creative communications company. Headquartered in Muscat, Oman with an additional office in Dubai, we bring with us a wealth of 20 years of experience and are the preferred linguistic partners for companies in Oman and across the Middle East since 2009.

As the first multi-lingual translation agency in Oman, we set the benchmark for quality work and professionalism. With values of efficiency, consistency, integrity, and accuracy serving as the core of our business, we deliver to a variety of clients from government entities and private corporations to small businesses and help them explore their best potential with our expertise.

After 8 years of success, we decided to expand and re-brand ‘Pioneers Translation Services' to ‘Pioneers Legal Translation and Interpretation', to reflect our extended list of services. We also launched ‘House of Pioneers LLC’, a ‘one-stop shop’ for our clients with an increased range of services such as communications, media and event management. Our goal through this new sister company is to go beyond words and create compelling narratives and experiences for your brand.


Our vision is to be the frontrunners in the linguistic and media services industry in Oman and the region through our leading, customer centric service and market knowledge.


Our mission is to help consumers bridge language barriers, through our translation and communications services and continue to be the preferred partners regionally and globally providing complete solutions, exceptional value, and unsurpassed service.

Why choose us?

Four reasons why we
outweigh our competitors:
High Capacity
  • Ability to render up to 2000 words per day per client
  • Express service can be provided at the client’s request
  • Prompt turnaround for large projects (ex. up to 30000 words/150 pages in 4 working days)
Quality Guaranteed
  • Seamless quality assurance process
  • Silver, Gold and Platinum quality levels
  • Professional liability insurance ready to submit upon request
  • Services agreements setting forth our terms of business can be signed with our client at their request
Customer Oriented
  • Translation certification and attestations can be made on behalf of our clients
  • Clients’ information confidentiality guaranteed by the signing of NDA agreements
  • Responsive and proactive front-office team available to answer inquiries round the clock

Cost Effective
  • Proofreading and desktop publishing rates are included in our translation rate
  • Payment and credit facilities are available for our returning clients
  • Guaranteed discounts for our regular, long-term and large-volume- jobs providing clients
  • Free test and sample translations of up to 200 words

Facts & Figures

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