How we work: Translation Quality Process

To ensure quality, we have devised an operational plan that goes through ‎different stages:

Clients' Contribution to our Quality Process:

arrow-title.svgYour Input

‎There are many ways in which your approach to ‎the project can help or ‎hinder our ‎ability to serve you better‎.

arrow-title.svgRealistic deadlines

‎Give us the time to get it right, so we can do it right.

arrow-title.svgProvide all supporting materials at your earliest convenience

Unnecessary delays can easily be avoided by adhering to this simple rule.

arrow-title.svgClear description of duty

The more we ‎understand your needs, the better we can serve you. Try to specify the purpose of your translation and your target users.

How we work: Event Management, Media & Production